Commitment to Sustainability Since 1978

Göknur Plastik is a well-established company operating in the plastics industry since 1978. In 2009, our company, which started with plastic raw material trade, stepped into plastic recycling in 2019 by observing the deficiencies in the sector.
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Rapid Growth in Line with Leadership Goal

Göknur Plastik is growing rapidly in line with its leadership target with its Lixo and GP+ brands and contract garbage bag production power. Exporting to 23 countries by sea and road, our company closely follows the developments in the sector with its export staff with regional distribution worldwide.

Sustainability and Innovation Oriented Approach

Adopting the principles of quality, innovation and efficiency with its state-of-the-art machinery park, Göknur Plastik has proven its commitment to sustainability by establishing a recycling factory. Our company, which aims to export with its high tonnage garbage bag production facility, continues its investments by maintaining the principles of quality and continuity in its integrated facilities.

Towards a Pioneering Future in the Industry

Göknur Plastik is taking firm steps towards becoming a leading organization in the plastics industry. With its commitment to sustainability, innovative perspective and strong production capacity, Göknur Plastik will continue to lead the sector in the future.

Features that Make a Difference

• Over 45 years of experience
• State-of-the-art machine park
• Quality, innovation and efficiency-oriented production
• Wide product range
• Export to 23 countries
• Environmentally friendly production
• Hygienic use
• Waterproof guarantee
• 100% recyclable products
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