About Us
About Us
About Us
As Göknur Plastik, we continue to grow rapidly with our production power in the plastics industry since we first joined in 1978. In 2019, we initiated export-oriented garbage bag production to eliminate the shortcomings we observed in the sector with our state-of-the-art machinery line, innovation, quality, efficiency principles and strong staff.
Göknur Plastik is growing rapidly in line with its leadership goal along with the Lixo Bag brand and contract garbage bag production power.

Our Products

To bring quality products to our customers at the most affordable prices, we not only follow technological developments closely but continue to make reasonable investments at every stage of our production.

Our aim is to be the sector leader with our sea and road exports to 10 countries!

Thanks to our export staff spread regionally around the globe, we follow the developments in our sector closely and realize our fast and determined investments.

Our Certificates

Göknur Plastik

As Göknur Plastik, we have adopted the principle of leaving a clean and livable environment by working within the framework of respect for nature and people while producing. We sustain our research and development activities within such a framework.